Formation for Parish Catechists

Parish Catechist Certificate

Over the course of two years, those who pass on the faith to others in faith formation programs, youth ministry, or sacramental preparation are asked to complete the following:

Foundational Level I (completed within one year of beginning)

  • Creed
  • Eucharist
  • Sacraments
  • Catechesis 101

Certified Level II (completed within two years of beginning)

  • Morality
  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Theology of the Body

Level I - Creed

From the dawn of Christianity, the Church has expressed and handed on "professions of faith" which serve as the fundamental frame of reference for catechesis, deepen understanding of the principal truths of the faith outlined in the Creed.

$33 - 9 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level I - The Eucharist

Of all the Sacraments, the Eucharist has a pre-eminence. Known as the Sacrament of Sacraments, it is the Source and Summit of our identity as Catholics. Content in this course is brought to you by FORMED and Word on Fire.

Free - 2 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level I - Sacraments

Liturgy and Sacraments are essential to God's plan to lead us to Him, body and soul. In this Pillar we explore their transforming power to unite us to Christ and His mystical body.

$33 - 8 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level I - Catechesis 101

Catechesis 101 is an innovative, 8-lesson course designed to give all Catholic catechists a solid foundation. This course provides a solid understanding of the Church's vision for catechesis as well as practical, hands-on methodology that is proven to bear fruit in catechetical sessions.

$33 - 8 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level II - Morality

Christian Morality unfolds the fullness of God's law revealed through Christ. Founded in God's roadmap for happiness, this Pillar covers the elements of moral decision-making.

$33 - 11 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level II - Prayer

Prayer is friendship with God, and this Pillar navigates us through the joys and difficulties of the spiritual life. Founded on Christ's examples and teachings on prayer, we explore the diversity of the spiritual life and practical applications.

$33 - 8 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level II - Scripture

This series on Sacred Scripture will give you an overview and introduction to this intriguing book; a book that has not only changed the world but is also given a divine role to play in each of our lives.

$33 - 8 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level II - ToB for Teachers

Parents and Catechists will find this handy in giving a brief, powerful, and foundational glimpse of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body, which he himself called the "most suitable" way of educating people nowadays.

$33 - 6 Lessons (1 year subscription)